Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cocktails for Thanksgiving

There are so many different concoctions you can serve on this faithful day.  I love an Appletini goes with the season, but I have to admit when it comes to an easy signature cocktail for a crowd with great taste and easy on the wallet I go to my signature sangria.

How easy can it be, wine, brandy, seltzer fruit, juice, and sugar.  The best part this time of year Beaujolais is in season and very cheap.  So get your pitcher and mix away.


2 bottles Beaujolais chilled ( or dry red wine)
1 cup brandy
1 cup orange juice
1/4 cup superfine sugar
2 apples cut into chunks
2 oranges cut in thin rounds
1 lemon, cut into thin rounds
1small bag mixed frozen berries
2 cups cold lemon-lime flavored seltzer or club soda 

1) In a large pitcher ( or bowl) combine wine, brandy, orange juice & sugar until sugar is dissolved.

2) Add orange, apples, and lemons, stir and refrigerate until well chilled at least 1 hour.

3) Remove from refrigerator add soda frozen berries, serve in glasses over ice.

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